Training Sessions for Financial Advisors

Carmichael Insurance Group is a great asset to financial advisors. We are there to educate you and your clients on all things Medicare. No need to navigate the Medicare waters alone. Lean on our combined 50 years of experience.

Fidelity Investments estimates that a couple retiring in 2022 will face $300,000 in healthcare costs throughout their lifetime. This is a big chuck of savings for any retired person. By choosing the right Medicare policy retirees can control or even eliminate a big portion of these healthcare costs.

Make sure you can offer information and knowledge to assist your clients with their Medicare needs and questions. With post retirement healthcare costs at records highs, retirees should put the same focus on their Medicare choices as they do on their retirement savings. Controlling healthcare costs is a part of a well rounded retirement plan.

I host webinars for both advisors and clients.

In my 1/2 hour training session I will cover the following information on Medicare:

  • How to sign up for Medicare.
  • What to do if you your client is still working at 65.
  • Special Medicare rules for small business owners and employees.
  • Does it make sense to keep my company plan?
  • How to plan for an IRMAA.
  • How to reduce or eliminate IRMAA.
  • How to reduce the financial risks of post retirement healthcare costs.
  • How Medicare works and how to plug the holes.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans vs Medicare Supplement Plans.

Financial Advisors don't need to know everything about Medicare, but they need to know someone that does!!!!!

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