Hadley is a Medicare Insurance Broker

I am a Medicare insurance broker, which means I am licensed with and represent dozens of insurance companies. I get paid directly by the insurance company, if you choose to go through me. You will never pay anything for my services and there are no extra costs for using my services. The rates you pay are the exactly the same whether you go through me or directly through an insurer. Use my years of experience to find the best Medicare plan for you!

As an independent broker I will show you all available options that I offer, unlike a captive broker who only offers the plans of the company they work for. Give me a call to make sure are choosing from all the plans available in your location. I work for YOU, not the insurance company.


Why You Should Use a Medicare Broker

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As an independent Medicare insurance broker I offer you access to the best plans available in your state. We will discuss all the plans available and highlight the pros and cons of each plan.  My goal is to find you the plan that best covers you and your needs. I take the time with each client to educated and discuss the differences between Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement plans, explaining the benefits of each and how it fits into your needs and lifestyle.

Once you choose a Medicare plan I will continue to be there to provide support for years to come. I will always be available to answer questions, assist with billing errors and walk you through any complicated Medicare communication you receive. When you work with me you are getting and advocate for life.